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Exercises for Managing Physical Complications During Pregnancy - Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic Tilt - contraction of abdominal muscles

Pull stomach in and engage the muscles of the abodmen

Pretend like you are "zipping your zipper"

Brace when lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling

We're going to start with the pelvic tilt, which is a contraction of the abdominal muscles. Remember, this one is important because when you're pregnant, the weight of the baby tends to pull your back into a little too much extension; it accentuates the inward curve. But it's the abdominal muscles that can completely counteract that weight. So i'm going to have Kelly draw her belly button in towards her spine. The top of her pelvis will go posteriorly, which flattens out her back. And then relax. And then again when you're ready, draw your belly button in towards your spine. It's important to keep breathing normally. And release. You could hold that for two to three breaths, 10 to 15 repetitions is a nice amount, a couple times a day. And now keep that as you breathe in and out, and release. So it's important to strengthen the muscles this way, especially as they get more and more stretched out, but you want to start using that strength right away. So Kelly, whenever you think about it as you're standing/walking throughout the day. you want to tighten these muscles for however long it happens to be on your mind. And again. Remember, these muscles are important for stability, also, so you want to brace with these muscles when lifting and carrying, pushing, and pulling. And relax. And again. And another time. It's important to use them as during transitions - when you're turning over in bed, getting up from sitting; usually if you brace with these muscles, you can do that without pain.