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Exercises for Managing Physical Complications During Pregnancy - Piriformis Stretch

Now I'm going to demonstrate a stretch that our pregnant mothers tend to like a lot and that is the piriformis stretch. Rmember, that's the muscles that are deep rotators in the hip that can become very achy. They can cause sharp pains and they responded really well to stretch. So we're going to have Kelly's stretch her - we'll start with her left hip.

So if I could have you swing your lower legs to the right and then slip your right leg back over the left and now just slide on back until you get a nice stretch in that left hip. I want her to be careful to keep her weight on her hands - that allows that hip to relax into the stretch. And if you want to go back for stretch not pain, you want to hold that for about 30 seconds. I usually have my moms do three to four repetitions on each side a couple times a day. And when you get finished, if you feel better or the same, you know you did the right amount. You should never be more sore after doing the low back stretch or the piriformis stretch.

And now go ahead and come back up and now let's try that right piriformis. So you swing your lower legs to the left, and then slip your left leg over the right, and now slide on back. And again, you want to be careful to take the weight on your hands. I also want to watch to make sure her pelvis is staying forward - I don't want her to twist. You're doing good there. I don't want her pelvis to twist one way or the other like your belly button is still pointing straight ahead. And you could hold that for 30 seconds. This one's great for relieving or basically eliminating those sharp pains that you can get in your butt and relieving any tension there.