We're Following Your Lead

Many of the foods shown here typically contain cow's milk; those marked with a * may or may not. Read labels to be sure.

Finding Hidden Milk

  • Look in the ingredients list for the word "milk," with or without parentheses around it. For example, "whey (milk)" or "milk."
  • Check the packaging for a statement. such as "Contains Milk."
  • Re-read labels often. Product ingredients can change.
  • Avoid unlabeled foods. It's not easy to tell if foods sold loose/fresh (like bakery items) contain cow's milk.
  • Watch for cross contact. Deli meats sliced on a machine used for cheese may contain milk residue.
  • Ask the market managers. They may be able to supply a list of the milk-free foods they carry.
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Cupboard Items

Baby biscuits

Store-bought baby foods*

Certain baby formulas (non-hypoallergenic)*


Macaroni and cheese


Potato sides (such as scalloped or au gratin)

Certain soups (bisques, chowders, and creamed soups)

Tuna kits (prepared with dressing or mayo)*

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Refrigerated Items

Milk (all forms, including products suitable for someone with lactose intolerance)

Cream (including half and half)

Cheese (including artificial)

Nondairy creamer*



Malted milk

Butter, ghee, and some margarines

Egg substitutes*


Salad dressings*


Sour cream


Cottage cheese

Soft cheese (cream cheese, quark)




Whipped cream

Deli Meat*

Hot Dogs*

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Frozen Foods

Ice cream

Frozen yogurt


Frozen waffles, pancakes, and French toast*

Battered frozen foods (such as chicken nuggets)*


French fries*

Frozen vegetables in batter or sauce*

Frozen dinners*

Sausages, meatloaf, and other prepared meats*

Enfamil D-Vi-Sol


Carmel candies and syrup*





Enfamil D-Vi-Sol

Bakery Items

Baked goods (biscuits, cakes, doughnuts, muffins, and pies)*

Breads and rolls*


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Baking Ingredients

Condensed milk

Evaporated milk

High-protein flour*