Hidden Sources of Cow's Milk
Hidden Sources of Cow's Milk

Hidden Sources of Cow's Milk

Many common foods may contain cow's milk. Read about hidden sources of cow's milk.

Many of the foods shown here typically contain cow's milk; those marked with a * may or may not. Read labels to be sure.

Finding Hidden Milk

  • Look in the ingredients list for the word "milk," with or without parentheses around it. For example, "whey (milk)" or "milk."
  • Check the packaging for a statement. such as "Contains Milk."
  • Re-read labels often. Product ingredients can change.
  • Avoid unlabeled foods. It's not easy to tell if foods sold loose/fresh (like bakery items) contain cow's milk.
  • Watch for cross contact. Deli meats sliced on a machine used for cheese may contain milk residue.
  • Ask the market managers. They may be able to supply a list of the milk-free foods they carry.

Cupboard Items

Baby biscuits

Store-bought baby foods*

Certain baby formulas (non-hypoallergenic)*


Macaroni and cheese


Potato sides (such as scalloped or au gratin)

Certain soups (bisques, chowders, and creamed soups)

Tuna kits (prepared with dressing or mayo)*

Refrigerated Items

Milk (all forms, including products suitable for someone with lactose intolerance)

Cream (including half and half)

Cheese (including artificial)

Nondairy creamer*



Malted milk

Butter, ghee, and some margarines

Egg substitutes*


Salad dressings*


Sour cream


Cottage cheese

Soft cheese (cream cheese, quark)




Whipped cream

Deli Meat*

Hot Dogs*

Frozen Foods

Ice cream

Frozen yogurt


Frozen waffles, pancakes, and French toast*

Battered frozen foods (such as chicken nuggets)*


French fries*

Frozen vegetables in batter or sauce*

Frozen dinners*

Sausages, meatloaf, and other prepared meats*


Carmel candies and syrup*





Bakery Items

Baked goods (biscuits, cakes, doughnuts, muffins, and pies)*

Breads and rolls*


Baking Ingredients

Condensed milk

Evaporated milk

High-protein flour*