Video Transcript


Lower Body Conditioning (Hamstrings)

Beginning Exerciser: No exercise prior to pregnancy. No more than 15 minutes of continuous activity.

Intermediate/Moderate Exercise: Engaged in activity prior to pregnancy (2-3 days per week). 30-45 minutes of continuous activity.

Advanced Exerciser: Engaged in vigorous exercise or competitive sports prior to pregnancy. 30-45 minutes of continuous activity or more with doctor recommendation.

Pull your stomach in, abs are tight. Bring the leg up and take it out, and curl, two, and curl, three, curl, four, and five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Abs are tight. Eleven. We're going to do one more set of twelve. Here we go. One, and then pull that stomach in, two, three, four more, five, six, seven, keeping the leg hip level, eight, nine, ten, eleven. Last one, twelve. Take it back, relax, inhale, exhale. Let's get in position. Let's work the other leg. We don't want to be lopsided. We're going to pull that leg up, hip level, spine is in, abs are tight, and curl. One, two, three, four. It's real important to keep that spine in neutral alignment. Abdominals tuck tight, think of zipping that zipper. Last eight. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Good job. Take it back, and rest. Good.