Video Transcript


Lower Body Conditioning (Outer Thighs)

Beginning Exerciser: No exercise prior to pregnancy. No more than 15 minutes of continuous activity.

Intermediate/Moderate Exercise: Engaged in activity prior to pregnancy (2-3 days per week). 30-45 minutes of continuous activity.

Advanced Exerciser: Engaged in vigorous exercise or competitive sports prior to pregnancy. 30-45 minutes of continuous activity or more with doctor recommendation.

We're going to go ahead and lay down. If you're pregnant, you can go ahead and stand up. Either is appropriate, just do what's most comfortable for you. Ready? Begin. One, two, abdominals are tight. We're lifting only to hip level, not too high. Again. Eight, abs are tight. Slow and controlled. Five, four, three, two, eight more. Bring in your hand in front for support. If you're on the floor, use your chair for support if you have a chair. Again, last four, three, two, and one. Release. Come on up. Let's switch to the other side. You want to have your hips stacked, spine in line, hand in front for support, abdominals tight. Ready? Begin. One, two, three. Abs are tight. Four, five. Lifting just to hip level, keeping the speed a little bit slow, keeping a full range of motion but not going too far up. Pull that stomach in, support that spine, keep the spine in neutral alignment. Last set. Twelve, eleven, ten, nine, abs are tight, pull them in. Hug your baby, that's what you want to think about. Last four, three, two, and one. Good job.