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13 Great Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

13 Great Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

The pregnancy glow is real — here’s how to capture it for posterity with maternity pictures.

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One of the best ways to commemorate your pregnancy is by setting up a maternity photoshoot. Whether you book a professional, ask a friend to snap some photos, or do it yourself, you'll always be glad to have photographs of this special time. Here's what you need to know about timing, clothes, and ideas for your maternity pictures.

When to schedule your maternity photoshoot

Set any date you choose for your maternity photos but know that your bump will be especially photogenic around 28 to 34 weeks. Plus, during this period, you shouldn't have to worry about running up against your due date.

What to wear for your maternity photoshoot

If you're choosing clothes for a pregnancy photoshoot, find an outfit or two that will make you feel confident and most like yourself. You may feel best in fitted jeans and a white tee, or you may love the look of a flowy, floor-length dress—everyone's style is different. With that said, a few tips can help your photos really pop: avoid busy patterns or prints, look for tops or dresses that show off your bump, and skip baggy or shapeless clothing.  

Meaningful maternity photoshoot ideas

  • At the spot where you and your partner met. Snap a few shots at the place where your love first blossomed—and think of how far you've come!
  • With your family. Bring older siblings-to-be into the picture and encourage them to interact with your baby bump. And don't forget, pets are family, too!
  • The belly hug. This classic pose, where your partner stands behind you holding your bump, never grows old.
  • Holding the sonogram. Who says you need a bump to have maternity pictures? You can show off your first sonogram as soon as you have it. Hold it toward the camera, then smile and say, "first trimester!"

Indoor maternity photoshoot ideas

  • In the nursery. Got the baby's room just right? Capture a shot of you, the bump, and the sweet space you've set up for the little one.
  • Near a window. Let the natural light illuminate you and your pregnant body. Try posing with the curtain to filter some of the brightest sunshine.
  • In a boudoir. Tons of women feel alluring when they're pregnant, so it's a wonderful time to pose in some beautiful lingerie… or nothing at all.
  • Holding newborn clothes. Those tiny shoes! Those minuscule socks! Hold some of your favorite little outfits or accessories in anticipation of the day they'll be worn.
  • Eating your pregnancy cravings. Whether you've got a hankering for ice cream, pickles, or something else entirely, capture yourself snacking on the foods you've been craving through your pregnancy.

Outdoor maternity photoshoot ideas

  • On a walk. Whether solo or with a partner, a casual stroll provides plenty of opportunities to pose—or not. Walking is a great option for people who don't feel comfortable in front of the camera, and candid shots can feel super-natural.
  • Near water. Beaches, rivers, ponds, and other waterways all have their unique beauty. Play up the reflective qualities of water, especially if you're lucky enough to encounter a still pool.
  • Among flowers. What could be more enchanting than being surrounded by blooms? Sit within a patch of wildflowers, visit a botanical garden, or simply hold a bouquet in front of your belly.
  • At sunrise or sunset. Sunlight simply doesn't get more gorgeous than during what photographers call the "golden hour." The light is soft and warm, making everyone look their best. (Bonus: stick around for the actual sunset and you can feature your pregnant silhouette in front of the colorful sky.)

Now all that's left is to smile for the camera—and, of course, order some picture frames.

Pro tip: Getting enough sleep will help you shine in your photos. Find out how to get the ZZZs you need while pregnant.

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