Toddler Development: Month Eleven

  • He may be able to walk by “cruising,” or holding on to the furniture
  • He may be able to understand and even use a few words
  • He's developing a sense of independence and confidence

(Gulp!) Your Toddler's Growing Up

Prepare yourself for a permanent lump in your throat as you watch your little toddler's first steps, form his first words and work his way to becoming an independent toddler.

These toddler milestones are monumental times for your little guy— full of experiments, frustrations and confidence boosts. Let him go, but relish holding his hand as you grow together.

Cruising: Practice Makes Perfect

Standing, stepping and balancing are all tough skills to master. And now your toddler has to coordinate all three. Fortunately, he's more than willing to put in the practice time hanging onto the furniture. After all, why stand still when you've got places to go?

You Had Me at Bye-Bye

What will be the word that launches a thousand conversations? When will all your talking finally be rewarded with a true response? Any day now.

Expect your toddler to start small, with something simple like “buh” for bye-bye. Whatever word it ends up being, it may be the sweetest one you've ever heard.

Toddler Games: Month Eleven

Have Lots of Story Time

Read books to your toddler over and over, with lots of dramatic voices and sounds. Let your toddler turn the page when he's ready.

Push the Issue

Offer your toddler a push toy, like a play vacuum or lawn mower. Even if he's not walking yet.