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Resources for Parents of Premature Babies

Resources for Parents of Premature Babies

Your portal to a variety of resources from non-profit and professional organizations dedicated to support babies born prematurely.


If your little one was born prematurely, you may have some questions. From bringing baby home after the NICU, to feeding and necessary vitamins and supplements, there’s a lot to consider for your premature baby. But don’t worry – you’ve come to a great spot for your little one! We’ve put together reliable resources for parents of premature babies, to give you the answers you need. From non-profit to professional organizations, you’ll find helpful premature baby resources below.


We're Coming Home from the NICU

Now that your baby is home from the hospital, your family and friends are going to have a lot of questions and misperceptions about life with a medically fragile child. Here is a downloadable letter, written by parents of premature babies, with the top 10 things family and friends should know.

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Hand to Hold

National peer support and resource navigation for parents of preemies, special needs and loss.

Preemie Babies 101

A blog for parents and family of preemie babies! Topics include high-risk pregnancies, spending time in the NICU, bringing baby home, raising a preemie, and much more.

Feeding Matters

Formally P.O.P.S.I.C.L.E, Feeding Matter's mission is to bring pediatric feeding struggles to the forefront so infants and children are identified early, families' voices are heard, and medical professionals are equipped to deliver collaborative care.

March of Dimes

Information and answers about pregnancy, your baby, folic acid, prematurity, genetic disorders, birth defects and much more.

Preemie Parent Alliance

Preemie Parent Alliance represents organizations that provide support to parents of preemies. They are committed to supporting the growth and development of members to help improve the quality and effectiveness of the services they provide.

It's a Preemie Thing

Visit our their store to find easy on/off clothing for your babies weighing 0-3lbs and 3-6lbs along with a selection of humorous know, the things only a preemie parent could understand!

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