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Toddler Learning Activities

Toddler Learning Activities

Make the most of your time together with a range of activities that are fun for both of you.

You can encourage your toddler's cognitive development simply by playing with him. Plus, it's pretty nice for you too. Whatever you do, let him know that you're proud of him, and that it's okay to make mistakes.

Read aloud every day

Even for 5 or 10 minutes. He's learning words by hearing you say them. Name objects in the books and let him point to them.

Explain things as they're happening

Make it a conversation, and listen when he talks.

Play Peek-a-boo

He truly believes he's invisible when he holds his hands over his eyes. How fun is that?

Ask him to find things

You'll be surprised how much he knows.

Expand on his words

If he says “car,” make it into a sentence.

Put faces to voices

When friends and family call on the phone, put pictures near the phone so he can see who's talking to him.

Sing songs

Play toddler learning games such as “Name The Body Parts”

Play with blocks

An excellent study in cause-and-effect.

Introduce new environments

New playgrounds. The grocery store. The children's room at the library.

Experiment with chunky crayons

Help him color on paper with them, and learn NOT to eat them!

Give him choices

But not too many!


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