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Upper Body Conditioning (Step & Strength Training)

Beginning Exerciser - No exercise prior to pregnancy.

No more than 15 minutes of continuous activity.

Intermediate/Moderate Exerciser - Engaged in activity prior to pregnancy (2-3 days per week). 30-45 minutes of continuous activity.

Advanced Exerciser - Engaged in vigorous exercise or competitive sports prior to pregnancy. 30-45 minutes of continuous activity or more with doctor recommendation.

Okay. Let's get ready to work those shoulders. We're going to use the bench at the same time. Let's start out with a basic step. Up and down. Now when we're doing the bench, the range of motion is going to be a slower rate with the arm. Two more. Let's stay on this lead. Add the arm. Frontal raise. Up, and we're coming down. Two, and we're coming down. Three. You don't need to use that bench. Nothing heavier than a five with the shoulders. Last one. Take it to the corner. Side leg lifts. Stay right here. Stay here. Two, three. Now we're adding that rope working the shoulder and the trap all at the same time. Good. Let's go four more. Good. Left lift basic. Frontal raise, take it down. Frontal raise. Good. Frontal raise. Last time now. We're going to take it to the corner trap. Side leg and down. Side leg. Good. And you're actually working that outer thigh on both legs when you're doing this. Move forward. Basic one, and down. To to the corner, two traps. One, last one. Basic. Change leads. One more time. Corner and trap. One and down. Good. Now together. All the way through. One of everything, to the corner. Good. Other side. Frontal. To the corner, trap inside. Last set. Frontal trap, inside, frontal. Good. Trap inside. March it out. Nice job. Work the shoulder and the trapezius. So let's get ready to take it down. We're going to switch gears and add another exercise. Okay, let's work the biceps now. This is what's going to help you hold the baby and carry it until it's two years old. Okay, we're going to start out, legs shoulder-width apart as slightly contracted, pelvis in neutral alignment, both arms curl up. Eight. We're going to lurk a little bit of balance at the same time. We'll be adding a knee lift. We're going to go four more. When you're doing bicep, challenge yourself. Let yourself have a little bit more weight. Threes, they're OK if you're just beginning, but work yourself up to about a five. Let's go. Two more. Let's go. One more. Now, we're going to get ready. Here we're going to add a knee lift. Get yourself balanced. Lift. Four. At any point in time, feel free to drop that leg. Last one. Change leads. And lift. Four, three, two. Now, we're going to alternate or you can stay on one leg, whichever works for you. In, out, in, and change. In, out, in, change. Abs are tight, slightly contracted. Use them to help support your spine. In, out, in. We have four more. In, out, in. Three, out. And we're going to go two more times. In, out, in, last time. In, out. Good job. Take it down. Okay. Let's get ready. We're going to work those shoulders again. This time, we're going to do a hip extension. Last time we did the outer thigh this time we're going to work it straight back. Five, six, seven. Lateral raise, up and hold, and down, two, three, last one. Take it to the side, rotate it out. Hip - bring it back in. Hip - work those shoulders. Good. Change legs. Bring it back. Lateral out, and and in, four, take it to the corner. Hip back. Four. Good. Squeeze. Help with that rounded shoulder syndrome. Get them back. Abs are tight. Good. To the front, for two, one, and down. One more, to the side, hip back, four, last one. Good. To the front, lateral raise, last one. To the side, take it out, rotate it out, bring it back in. Rotate it out, bring it back in, one of everything, out, down, to the side, and back. Again, out, and down, to the side, and back. Again, out, and down, to the side, and back. Last time, out, and down, to the side, and back. Good job. Take it down. Okay, we're going to work the quadricep, the hamstring, and the glute all at the same. Maximize that work. We're going to start out with a lunge and lead with this front leg. Here we go. One, alternating back and forth. Make sure you clear your step. Make sure your knee does not go past your toe. As you come back, squeeze those glutes. Down, squeeze it, tight, down, squeeze it tight. Give me four more, three, two, and one. Hold it right here. We're going to lead with this other leg. If you need to take a break ,that's fine. Go ahead and start up with us when you're ready. Here we go - one, two, three. Abs are tight, four, five. So when you're bending down to pick your baby up, you can use your legs. We got four more to go. Again, we're working that quadricep, hamstring, and glutes. Two more. Last one. Good job. Okay. We're going to work the tricep. Those of you who are postpartum, we're going to have you try to get a little bit challenged and do dips. If those of you who are a little more advanced, you can go ahead and follow Marian and Corey, and those of you are just beginning, let's follow Kelly. Everybody in position. Ready. Let's go for a set of 12. Here we go. One and up, two, and up. When you're doing the dips, make sure you got a nice bend in the arm. Try not to use too much from the hip. Keep the stomach tight as you're doing the arm extension. Make sure that you have the arm fully extended out, that it stays parallel with the ground. And stay slightly contracted. Four more. Got four more, three, two, and one. Let's everybody rest or switch positions. Release. Relax. Give me a big breath in, exhale. In positio,n let's get ready to begin. Again, take it down. Here we go. One and up ,two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and remember, you pick the option that works best for you, no matter what, if you're pregnant or postpartum. Last two, last one. Good job. Sit back.