85% of brain growth happens within your toddler's first three years. Nutrition helps support this brain growth, so it's important she gets brain-nourishing nutrients, such as DHA. Enfagrow® has 22 total nutrients like calcium, Vitamin D, iron and prebiotics. Find out exactly what’s in Enfagrow®



Ingredients found in Enfagrow:

  • Carbohydrates: Provide energy for the brain and body
  • Fat Source: Provides energy for growth and cell functions
  • Prebiotic: Helps support digestive health and the immune system
  • Stabilizer: Helps maintain a smooth product consistency 
  • Protein: Building blocks of cells 
  • Minerals: Important for growth and development 
  • DHA Source: Helps support cognitive development 
  • Vitamins: Important for grown and development 
  • Flavoring: Only natural flavors and provides toddler approved taste