When deciding what formula to choose for your little one, you no doubt are looking for products you can trust, and formulas that provide both healthy nutrients and safe ingredients. At Enfamil, we’ve been committed to providing our very best formula for your infant’s or toddler's nutritional needs for more than 100 years. Along the way, our dedicated research studies and careful quality control have positioned us as one of the best formula choices among both parents and pediatricians today. Find out why so many moms and dads turn to Enfamil for their little one’s nutritional needs.

We’re the #1 recommended formula brand by pediatricians.

When it comes to choosing something as important as your baby’s nutrition, there’s nothing like a recommendation from a trusted source. Whether it comes from your pediatrician, the hospital where your baby was born, or another parent, a formula recommendation from a trusted expert gives you the confidence to know that you’ve made the best formula choice for your baby. Enfamil has been the #1 recommended formula brand by pediatricians for the past two years.

We help foster your baby’s learning ability.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that Enfamil Infant formula fosters learning ability now—and into the preschool and kindergarten years. Babies fed Enfamil that has the omega-3 fatty acid DHA showed improvements in a measure of executive function, which includes mental flexibility, working memory, self-regulation, and impulse control, and a 16% improvement in a measure of vocabulary at 5 years of age.*†‡

Our Staged Nutrition provides excellent formula options for newborns, babies, and toddlers.

Inspired by the changing nutrition of breast milk, Enfamil offers products specifically designed for each stage and nutritional transition your child faces while growing up. Our formulas are designed to help your child receive excellent baby-formula nutrition from her early weeks as a newborn on through to her later toddler years. Each of our products is designed to help meet the specific needs of your baby, at every stage of development, including:

Enfamil PREMIUM® Newborn - Birth to 3 months

Enfamil NeuroPro™ Infant - Birth to 12 months

Enfagrow PREMIUM™ Toddler Transitions® - 9 months through 2 years

*Study compared infants fed Enfamil Infant with 0.32% of total fatty acid as DHA vs discontinued Enfamil without DHA; studied before the addition of prebiotics.
† DCCS = Dimensional Change Card Sort
‡ PPVT: Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test