So, you’re probably wondering, "which formula could be right for my baby?"

You’re on an amazing journey. And whether you’re starting out with formula, supplementing or switching, we know you’ve got lots of questions. Relax. We’ve got you covered. With a complete family of brain-building formulas to fuel the wonder of your little one. From everyday nutrition to specialty formulas.

Helping troubled tummies

become happier tummies.

It’s 2 a.m. and your baby is fussing and crying. Or you’ve just washed bibs and burp cloths for the 20th time. We’ve all been there. That’s why we developed a range of formulas to help with common feeding issues. Did you know that three out of four babies experience feeding issues?* It’s very common. And help is here. Complete nutrition ages 0-12 months.

*Global Digestive Concerns Study

Not for infants with galactosemia.

Based on a clinical study of Enfamil A. R. infant formula before the addition of DHA, ARA, and prebiotics with infants who spit up frequently (5 or more spit-ups per day), comparing frequency and volume of spit-up after feeding Enfamil A. R. to the same babies at the beginning of the study.

§Infants fed formula with the prebiotics blend had softer stools compared to a routine formula without prebiotics at 1 week.

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