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  • Naturally easy-to-digest A2 milk protein for your baby's tiny tummy
    a2 premium infant formula 19.5 oz Tub (Case of 4)
Enfamil Premium A2 Infant Formula

Enfamil Premium A2 Infant Formula

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Enfamil Premium A2

Enfamil Premium A2 formula is designed with naturally easy-to-digest A2 proteins sourced from Europe.

When it comes to Enfamil Premium A2 Baby Formula Powder, we made it with parents in mind. This Baby Formula is available in Powder in 19.5 oz Tubs to fit every situation. You can also get Enfamil Premium A2 Baby Formula Powder in Case of 4.

Our Enfamil A2 formula has A2 proteins that come from special hand-picked cows that naturally produce only A2 milk protein. Why is that important? A2 protein is similar to that found in breast milk. Despite its name, A2 is thought to be the original variety. Many years ago, cows only produced A2 milk protein and it’s believed that as farmers began to breed for higher output more cows began to produce A1 milk protein. Emerging evidence from studies in preschool children and adults suggests A2 protein is less likely to be associated with digestive discomfort. These special A2 cows graze on highest-quality forage, rich in nutrients so they can produce pure premium milk protein for your baby.

*Trace amounts of genetically engineered materials may be present in the product from manufacturing environments and process sources. For more information, visit www.enfamil/com/non-GMO

†From skim milk powder

Easy to digest
Naturally easy to digest A2 protein for tiny tummies
Milk Protein
Premium milk protein sourced from Europe
Cognitive development
Global expert recommended amount of DHA
Immune Health
Unique dual prebiotics blend for immune health support
Complete Nutrition
Non-GMO—made with ingredients that were not genetically engineered*
Milk Protein
No artificial growth hormones†
Pediatrician Recommended
From the #1 recommended pediatrician brand

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Enfamil Premium A2 Infant Formula