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Portagen® - Powder - 14.46 oz Can

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Makes approx. 14 servings (4.5 fl oz bottles)

For defects in the intraluminal hydrolysis of fat, mucosal fat absorption, and lymphatic transport of fat
Portagen Powder

Metabolic and special medical needs products are available to order on with a max order quantity of 6 units per product. This product may be eligible for insurance coverage when prescribed. You can ask your doctor to write a prescription and send it to a Home Care or Pharmacy Provider. 

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Out of Stock

Earns 230 rewards points with purchase

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Portagen is a nutritional powder for children & adults with defects in the intraluminal hydrolysis of fat (decreased pancreatic lipase, decreased bile salts); defective mucosal fat absorption (decreased mucosal permeability, decreased absorptive surface); and/or defective lymphatic transport of fat (i.e. intestinal lymphatic obstruction).

  • 87% of fat from medium-chain triglycerides
  • Corn oil provides linoleic acid
  • If used long term, supplementation of essential fatty acids & ultra-trace minerals should be considered
  • Not recommended for use as an infant formula
  • Mixes easily & stays blended well

Available Formats and Sizes

Portagen is available in 14.46 oz cans and can be also purchased in a bulk option of a case of 6.



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