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Enfamil® ProSobee® Plant-based Infant Formula - Concentrate - 13 fl oz Can

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Makes approx. 6 servings (4 fl oz bottles)

For a plant-based (non-dairy) option
Enfamil ProSobee Infant Formula Concentrate 13fl oz
Eases fussiness & gas caused y sensitivity to milk
#1 Trusted brand by Pediatricians* | #1 Recommended Formula Brand by Moms for Moms
Expert recommended amount of DHA
#1 Pediatrician Recommended Infant Formula Brand for Brain Building & Immune Support
Plant-based for sensitive tummies
Nutrients to support immune health
Prosobee follows special dietary guidelines for Kosher diets. Also suitable for most Vegetarian diets too!
Nutrients and Ingredients
Similar to:Similac® Soy Isomil
In Stock

Earns 80 rewards points with purchase

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Enfamil ProSobee Plant-based Infant Formula

Enfamil ProSobee Infant Formula is our plant-based formula with plant-sourced protein that is easy on sensitive tummies.

Our ProSobee Formula is suitable for infants with lactose intolerance & is perfect for families with special dietary needs (i.e. vegetarian, Kosher, etc.) as a dairy-free alternative to milk-based formula.

Enfamil ProSobee is also designed to help ease fussiness and gas sometimes caused by milk-based formulas.

Available Formats and Sizes

Enfamil ProSobee Plant-based Infant Formula is available in a variety of different formats and sizes to meet your unique needs. This baby formula comes in either powder, concentrate, or liquid form.

The powder form comes in 20.9 oz cans that you can also purchase in cases of 4.

The baby formula concentrate is available in 13 fl oz and as a bulk option of cases of 12.

The liquid version comes in either 2 fl oz or 32 fl oz bottles. The 2 fl oz option can be purchased as a carton of 6 or a full case of 48 bottles. The 32 fl oz bottles can be purchased individually or in cases of 4.

Plant-based alternative to milk-based formula
Helps ease fussiness & gas caused by sensitivity to milk-based formulas
Great for following special dietary guidelines, like families who require vegetarian or Kosher diets
The same amount of brain-nourishing DHA as other routine Enfamil formulas
Enfamil is the #1 pediatrician-recommended formula brand


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Enfamil® ProSobee® Plant-based Infant Formula