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Frequently asked questions

You can use your gift card on the Enfamil Shop only. Gift cards are not redeemable at other online retailers or in stores.

Yes, gift cards are redeemable on all products on the Enfamil Shop just like any other payment. See terms of sale for more information.

Gift cards are delivered by email to the party who purchases the gift card; from there, the email can be forwarded or you can share the code with your intended recipient so they may redeem on

No, gift cards do not have an expiration date.

An eGift card is an electronic card. eGift cards are very convenient. They are sent digitally via email and make great instant gifts.

No, Enfamil Shop gift cards are completely digital. Once you purchase an eGift card you will receive an email with a code that can be used like cash on 

Please contact our customer service center and a representative will be able to check for you.

Unfortunately, our gift cards can’t have the balance reloaded and a new card will need to be purchased.

You may use a gift card as payment on an initial subscription order. If the gift card covered the full purchase you will need to update their account with a form of payment before the next order will ship. If the initial order is part gift card and part another form of payment, that other form of payment will be what is on their subscription orders going forward.

Yes! The gift card is treated as any other form of payment.