Reimbursement Support for Your Baby's Formula Needs

ReimbursementGetting support for your baby's formula needs can go a long way towards making everyone feel better. You may be eligible for government support, private insurance or even assistance from Mead Johnson Nutrition.

Nutramigen® Power of 2 Program

Getting support to help an infant with a milk protein allergy makes the whole family feel better. By enrolling in the Nutramigen Power of 2 Program you will receive up to $50 in additional savings throughout the program.

Or, enroll by phone at 1.800.BABY123.

Helping Hands for Special Kids Program™

Over the last 15 years, Mead Johnson has partnered with healthcare providers to extend a helping hand to over 18,500 families who need a specialty formula but cannot afford it. Through the Helping Hands Program, parents may qualify to receive a one-time shipment of a particular product or receive the product they need at a reduced cost for a longer period of time. Mead Johnson can also help parents locate other sources of assistance, like programs administered through individual states and the federal government. Ask your baby's doctor about enrolling in the Helping Hands Program.

Enfamil® Multiple Birth Program

Healthcare providers can refer parents of multiples to receive complimentary cases of the infant formula that their doctor has recommended for their babies. Ask your babies' doctor about enrolling in the Enfamil Multiple Birth Program.

Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC®)

WIC is a government program designed to assist families with nutritional needs. On the basis of medical need, and when recommended by a physician, Nutramigen® is reimbursed by all states.

In addition, Enfamil® EnfaCare®, PurAmino™, Pregestimil®, Enfamil® Premature formulas, Enfamil® Human Milk Fortifier Acidified Liquid, Enfaport™, Portagen®, Product 3232 A and all Mead Johnson metabolic products are generally reimbursed by most states.

Talk to your baby's doctor to find out if you are eligible to receive these products or contact your community health department.


When it comes to medical foods, exempt infant formulas, and other nutritional products, each state establishes their own guidelines for reimbursement. To learn if you are eligible for coverage ask your baby's doctor or your community health department.