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SMS Terms and Conditions

SMS Terms and Conditions

About Enfamil text messages

Enfamil offers text messages with discounts, exclusive savings, and useful information about your baby’s development based on your baby’s age. We send our messages from short code 336699. Message frequency varies by user.

Here’s an example message:

Enfamil: {39 weeks} 3 ways you should be preparing for baby's arrival @link Reply STOP to cancel

Getting started

To get started, you can register with your mobile phone number and agree to the consent when you Join Enfamil Family Beginnings. After you submit your registration, we will send a welcome message to your cell phone. Here are some helpful tips once you are opted into the SMS program:

  • You can cancel this service at any time. Text "STOP" to 336699. After you send the message "STOP" to us, we will send you a reply message to confirm that you have been unsubscribed. After this, you will no longer receive messages from us.
  • If you want to join again, just sign up as you did the first time and we will start sending messages to you again or text “ENFAMIL” to 336699 and we will send you another welcome message to your cell phone.
  • If at any time you forget what keywords are supported, text "HELP" to 336699. After you send the message "HELP" to us, we will respond with instructions on how to use our service as well as how to unsubscribe.

Other information about this service

This is an optional service. Your consent to receive text messages is not required for you to obtain any Enfamil products.

As always, message and data rates may apply for any messages sent to you from us and to us from you. If you have any questions about your text plan or data plan, it is best to contact your wireless provider.

For all questions about the services provided by this short code, you can send an email to our contact page or call us at 1-800-222-9123 (which is also 1-800-BABY123).

If you have any questions regarding privacy, please read our privacy policy.

Participating carriers

Participating carriers in our SMS service are SouthernLinc, Bandwidth, Google Voice, Buffalo Wireless, Chariton Valley Cellular, Leaco, CableVision, Copper Valley, AT&T, Sprint/Boost/Virgin, T-Mobile/MetroPCS, Verizon Wireless, CellCom USA, C Spire Wireless, U.S. Cellular, Pine Belt Wireless, ACS/Alaska, Atlantic Tele-Network International (ATN), Advantage Cellular (DTC Wireless), Appalachian Wireless, Bluegrass Cellular, Cellular Network Partnership (PIONEER), Cellular One of East Central Illinois, Chat Mobility USA, Coral Wireless (Mobi PCS), Element Mobile (Flat Wireless), Epic Touch (Elkhart Telephone), GCI Communications Corp, Golden State Cellular, Illinois Valley Cellular (IV Cellular), i Wireless (IOWA Wireless), Nex-Tech Wireless, MTA Communications, MTPCS (Cellular One Nation), Cross Telephone Company (MBO Wireless), Duet IP (Maximum Communications New Core Wireless), Inland Cellular Telephone Company, Immix(Keystone Wireless), Mosaic (Consolidated or CTC Telecom), Northwest Missouri Cellular Limited, Peoples Wireless, Panhandle Telecommunications Systems(PTCI), RINA, Revol Wireless USA, SI Wireless/Mobile Nation, SRT Wireless, Texas RSA 3 Ltd(Plateau Wireless), Thumb Cellular, United Wireless, Union Telephone Company(Union Wireless), Viaero Wireless, West Central Wireless (5 Star Wireless), Sagebrush Cellular (Nemont), Carolina West Wireless (CWW), Pine Cellular, Aio Wireless/Cricket.

T-Mobile is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.