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    Frequently asked questions

    Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, you can. Log in to your account online and choose from a range of options when you view My Subscriptions. Here, you have the option to cancel or change your subscription up to 24 hours before your next scheduled shipment. If you need to cancel your subscription before the second shipment, contact us at 1-800-BABY123.

    What if I want to try a different product?

    You can update your subscription online up to 24 hours before your next scheduled shipment. Log in to your account, and navigate to the My Subscriptions section to add a new product.

    How often can I schedule my orders?

    You have plenty of flexibility. You can schedule your reoccurring order to arrive every other week, monthly, or bi-monthly. It's really up to you and your baby's feeding needs.

    Can I skip a shipment if I don't need it?

    Absolutely. Your subscription schedule is flexible and can be updated up to 24 hours before your next scheduled shipment. You have the option to skip in the Delivery Schedule section of your online account. If you need more formula before your next scheduled shipment, you can arrange that too.

    Will my subscription end automatically, or do I have to cancel it?

    Subscriptions do not have an automatic end date. We want you to be in complete control of your subscription because you know your baby's feeding needs better than anyone. When it's time to end the subscription, log in to your account and cancel within 24 hours of your next scheduled shipment.