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NICUs & Premature Babies

Enfamil's Commitment to Premature Babies & NICUs

Enfamil has a long-standing commitment to helping every baby grow, develop and thrive. Our commitment to providing science-backed nutrition is driven by the desire to help ensure the best start in life for all babies, especially the most vulnerable – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) babies.

Every premature baby is born a fighter, but they can't do it alone. NICUs provide around-the-clock care to these babies to provide them with the support needed to be strong, healthy and grow. Our commitment to the healthy development of all babies includes being committed to those that serve them on a daily basis. That's why we work directly with NICUs around the country to provide support and help them thrive.



How Enfamil is Helping

Each year, Enfamil contributes millions in financial and product support, and employees volunteer hours to multiple partners.
Enfamil Enfacare Drive to Thrive Support Program support for the journey ahead
We created Drive to Thrive, a one-of-a-kind program that provides financial and informational support to parents after their baby leaves the NICU.
Enfamil works with world renowned organizations spending may hours and resources to develop products to best support hospital NICUs.
WAVE A Helping Hand From Hospital to Home
Our mission doesn’t stop in the hospital. Enfamil’s WAVE program helps each preterm infant leave the NICU with a nutrition plan and resources for effective care after discharge.

Our History

Our commitment to all babies began with one baby.

Everything we do today is thanks to one incredible little human being, a baby named Teddy, who couldn't get the nutrition he needed from his mother's milk. Teddy inspired his father (and our founder) Edward Mead Johnson, Sr. to use science to create a formula that would nourish Teddy and help him reach his full potential.


More than 100 years later, we are still dedicated to providing industry-leading nutrition to babies who need it the most.