Colicky Baby? Probiotics May Help

      Colicky Baby? Probiotics May Help

      Learn more about colic and how probiotic formulas may help ease baby’s fussiness.

      When your baby cries, all you want to do is comfort them. But when there is no consoling your little love, it can be both upsetting and exasperating. Colic could affect up to 28% of infants, causing considerable amounts of stress for millions of parents. The good news is that probiotics for colic may help ease your baby’s experience with colic. Read the below colic FAQs and discover how baby probiotics may help.

      What is Colic?

      Colic is frequent, prolonged and intense crying or fussiness in an otherwise healthy infant. In general, colic is defined as crying for three or more hours a day, three or more days a week, for three or more weeks. Symptoms of colic may include:

      • Crying that tends to occur for no apparent reason (especially at night), and no amount of consoling can help.
      • Reddening of your baby’s face, intense crying that seems like screaming, arched back, tense tummy and tension such as clenched fists along with stiffened arms and legs.
      • Predictable timing with crying often occurring in the evening.

      What Causes Colic?

      Unfortunately, the exact cause of colic is unknown. Possible contributing factors that have been studied include: imbalance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, digestive system that isn't fully developed, food allergies or intolerances among others. However, recent studies suggest that probiotics can help improve colic symptoms.

      How Can Probiotics Help Ease Colic?

      From the moment your baby is born, the presence of beneficial bacteria in their developing digestive system is important. Those bacteria could play important roles in the baby’s digestive system, cognitive function and immune system. If there’s an imbalance of bacteria in your little one’s digestive tract, it may lead to distress. Probiotics for colic may support the balance of the beneficial bacteria in your baby’s tummy to support their digestive system, which may help to ease colic symptoms.

      Where to Get Colic Support?

      Bring on the happy tears! NEW Enfamil dual probiotics has BB12 & LGG, two of the most clinically studied beneficial bacteria that helps support a healthy gut and developing immune system. This helps to ease occasional digestive upset like colic and gas, soothing your baby’s tummy while taking the stress away from you

      Plus, BB12 has been shown to help sooth colic.*

      *BB-12 studied in breastfed infants for 28 days.