How is A2 Milk Produced & Made into Formula?

      How is A2 Milk Produced & Made into Formula?

      Find out about A2 cows and the process taken to ensure your infant formula contains only the A2 protein.

      If you walk down the dairy isle, there’s countless milk options—free range, organic, goats, almond—just to name a few. Now more than ever, people are more informed to meet their specific needs and are looking for alternatives to fit their lifestyle.

      So, How Is A2 Milk Produced?

      You might be wondering what an A2 cow is, and how they may differ from ‘regular cows.’ Typically, cows produce milk that contains both the A1 and A2 beta-casein proteins. A2 milk is sourced and comes from handpicked cows that produce milk with only the A2 beta-casein protein, which is similar to that found in breast milk.

      A2 cows are DNA tested after birth and before they are milked to ensure that only the A2 protein is present. A2 milk is ultimately collected, tested and then processed in a completely separated milk channel.

      Where Does Enfamil’s Premium A2 Formula Come From?

      Enfamil’s A2 milk supplier is a family owned company that gets its A2 milk from two farms in Germany. For optimal nutrition and purity, the milk is produced by A2 Holstein Friesian cows whose plant-based diet consists of grass, soy, and minerals. These special cows are never given antibiotics or growth hormones.

      How Can We Be Sure the A2 Milk in Our Formula is Pure?

      It all comes down to rigorous testing. In order to ensure the milk doesn’t contain any A1 proteins, the cows are given a DNA test as soon as they’re born and again when they’re milked. The milk itself is tested when it’s produced and then again once it’s dried. And just to be really, really sure our formula only contains pure A2 milk, it’s tested one final time when it arrives to the US.

      A formula with A2 milk protein may be a helpful alternative for babies with milk-related tummy discomfort. Enfamil is proud to partner with supplier to ensure the A2 milk protein in our A2 formula always comes from special cows naturally selected to only produce the A2 protein.