Lactose Sensitivity in Babies: Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician

      Lactose Sensitivity in Babies: Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician

      Lactose Sensitivity in Babies: Questions to Ask Your PediatricianThese questions can help your baby’s doctor determine whether your baby is sensitive to lactose—and decide the best way to help.

      If you think your baby might be sensitive to lactose, make an appointment for an exam with your baby’s pediatrician. It’s a good idea to bring a list of questions with you.

      Question to Consider Asking About Lactose Sensitivity

      • What does lactose intolerance or sensitivity mean?
      • What are the issues caused by lactose intolerance or sensitivity?
      • Might there be another cause for my baby’s issues?
      • How can you tell if my baby has an issue with lactose?
      • What are the management options?
      • What type of lactose sensitivity could my baby have?
      • How can my baby get enough calcium in her diet if milk products or lactose are reduced?
      • Should my baby be taking a supplement to make sure she’s getting all the vitamins and minerals she needs?
      • Do babies outgrow lactose sensitivity?

      Before a Pediatrician Appointment

      Your time with the pediatrician might be limited, so make sure you come to the appointment prepared.

      1. Write down all of your baby’s issues and your concerns:
        • Does she cry soon after eating or experience other feeding issues? 
        • How long after she finishes eating do the issues appear?
        • Any other issues?
      2. Log anything you are giving your baby:
        • Breast milk, formula, or a combination
        • Medications
        • Vitamins or other nutritional supplements
        • Any solids
      3. Note any changes in your baby lately:
        • Sleep pattern
        • Eating habits
        • Illness

      Having all this information on hand will make your pediatrician appointment as helpful as possible.

      One Last Question

      Is your baby having trouble with lactose sensitivity? Ask your pediatrician if a formula change may help. New Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive is an easy to digest formula formulated for lactose sensitivity and has (MFGM and  Omega 3 DHA) brain building nutrition inspired by breast milk. And for the latest research on the subject, read “Lactose Intolerance in Babies”


      Not for infants with galactosemia