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12 Gift Ideas for New Dads

12 Gift Ideas for New Dads

Celebrate first-time dads, fathers-to-be, and seasoned papas with these gift ideas. For holidays, congratulations, Father’s Day, birthdays, and other occasions, these gifts are the perfect way to acknowledge the incredible role dad plays in his child’s life.

First-time dad gifts

Say “welcome to dad life” with gifts that will be especially useful for the first-time father.

Diaper backpack

Help dad haul diapers, bottles, wipes, snacks, and more with a well-appointed, waterproof backpack. Look for one with a large main compartment and lots of dedicated pockets for easy item accessibility. Some also come with a handy changing mat for convenient diaper changing on the go.

Sleeping aids and loungewear

When it comes to sleep, the struggle is real. So any gift that promotes slumber for dad or the baby will probably be a win. Some ideas? Indoor-outdoor slippers for those nights driving the baby around trying to get them to sleep. An eye mask for getting much-needed shut-eye while the baby naps during the day. Or a comfy sweatshirt for snuggling with the baby or catching a quick snooze on the couch.

Funny new dad gifts

Make him laugh with these amusing gifts.

Dad joke book

Dad jokes are so bad, they’re hilarious. The new dad will love a new arsenal of jokes to pull from...everyone else, well, maybe not so much, but that’s not really the point.

Gag gifts

Gifts related to poop, farts, spit-up, and being on “diaper doody” give dad a fun way to deal with sleepless nights and baby’s endless diaper changes.

Electronic gifts for dad

These new father gifts are great for the tech-lover.

Sound machine

Soft white noise and calming sounds from sound machines may help the baby fall and stay asleep—which could be music to dad’s (and mom’s) ears.

Phone sanitizer

Phone sanitizers use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses on phones, keys, pens, and other small items. They sanitize without chemicals, and the process takes only minutes.

Gifts for the active dad

Here are some of the best gifts for dads who’ll be bringing their baby on all their active outdoor adventures.

Baby carrier pack

Whether he’s hiking trails or supermarket aisles, dad can carry his baby comfortably hands-free with a travel-friendly baby carrier pack. Front and back baby carriers are for infants who can sit upright and weigh between 16 and 50 pounds. Check model guidelines before purchasing.

Jogger stroller

Dad has a new little running partner. Help the fitness-focused papa bring the baby along on his courses with a jogger stroller that’s specially designed for higher speeds and multiple terrains.

Coffee gifts for dad

Getting more sleep is a recurring new father gift theme. Help him stay awake for midnight feedings and overnight diaper duty with these ideas.

Coffee gift basket

Honor the man of the hour with a new dad gift basket filled with a package of coffee, an insulated cup, or a fun mug.

Coffee subscriptions

Is dad a coffee aficionado? Enroll him in a coffee of the month club so he can enjoy sipping on a variety of different javas.

New dad gifts from partner

Express to your proud partner how special he is with these meaningful gifts.

Personalized new dad gifts

Matching dad and baby shirts, a customized keychain with a heartfelt message, and jewelry gifts are unique ways to acknowledge your partner’s foray into fatherhood.

Photo gifts

Give dad the opportunity to show off his bundle of joy with photo gifts such as a mousepad, plush blanket, or a simple framed picture.

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