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A Guide to Gifts for New Parents

A Guide to Gifts for New Parents

What do you get for a new mom or dad? Well, they would probably treasure some sleep, but since that’s a gift (truly, it is) that you really can’t give, what are some other options? Here’s our list of some of the tried and true best gifts for new parents.

Gifts for first-time parents

First-time parents may have received a lot of practical and adorable gifts at a baby shower. While there’s no denying those “aw”-inspiring, pint-sized moccasins are super cute, now that their little one is here, consider gifts that will help those new moms and dads celebrate their incredible step into parenthood.

Anything that says any variation of “mom” or “dad”

Let them shout to the world that they are now a parent with a “mama” t-shirt, “new dad” beer stein, or other mom- or dad-branded gift.

Picture frames

Most first-time parents can never have enough picture frames. A beautiful frame is a special gift that helps them show off their precious bundle of joy. Do you have a picture of the baby? Surprise them by framing the photo.

Baby memory books or scrapbooks

Give new mamas and papas a place to document their baby’s story in words and pictures.

Self-care gifts for new parents

With all their energy focused on their sweet newborn, mom and dad may really appreciate a gift that encourages self-care.

Eye masks

Eye masks help sleep-deprived new parents get some much-needed shut-eye—even if it’s in the middle of the day while their baby naps.

Aromatherapy gifts

Newborns and relaxation don’t go hand-in-hand. Pamper mom and dad with gifts that promote soothing and stress relief, like lavender-infused candles and luxurious lotions and soaps.

Couples spa gift certificate

While it’s all baby, all the time now, a spa gift certificate is ideal for that day when the new parents want to “get away” without going far. A massage, facial, or body treatment can help them feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Welcome home gifts for new parents

Celebrate baby’s homecoming with gifts new parents will use and cherish.

Gift card to baby photographer

Any new parent would love a professional photo shoot that captures those idyllic newborn moments that go by so fast.


Plush blankets for the baby and parents make cuddle time extra cozy.

Gift basket

Deliver smiles to the growing family with a gift basket filled with everything from bottles for the baby to a bottle of wine for mom and dad.

Food gifts for new parents

Baby’s schedule can make finding time for food shopping and cooking a challenge. Food gifts make life a little easier.

Meal kit subscription gift cards

Healthy, home-cooked meals are as close as the front door with a meal kit subscription. Your recipients will receive all the ingredients they need to whip up a meal in minutes.

Food delivery and restaurant gift cards

A food delivery gift card gives new parents the flexibility to order from their favorite local places. Or treat them to a restaurant gift card for when they’re ready to resume date nights on the town.

Food gift baskets

A yummy snack or fruit-filled gift basket can satisfy those late-night munchies after feeding the baby. It’s also great for serving those surprise guests who stop by to meet the newest star of the family.

Gift ideas for new parents and their baby

From the practical to the personal, some gifts are perfect for both parents and their baby. 

Registry items

A baby registry was probably set up months before the baby was born, and it may still be available. Check to see if there are items that were requested and still needed.

Baby books

Books are a great go-to gift idea for new parents. Help them build their baby’s book collection and love of reading. Don’t forget to write a message in the book so they’ll never forget who gave them the special present.

Personalized items

Customize a gift with the baby’s name. Since the name may have been kept a secret until birth, the parents probably won’t have something similar already. Personalization makes any gift unique—and new parents love to see their baby’s name. You can customize so many types of items, from piggy banks and pillows to growth charts and precious engraved keepsakes like spoons and cups.

Celebrate precious new parenthood moments by giving the gift of Enfamil

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