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Gift Giving Guide: Twin Baby Gifts & Gifts for Twin Parents

Gift Giving Guide: Twin Baby Gifts & Gifts for Twin Parents

Twins are double the joy! And if there’s anything more fun than buying a gift for one baby, it’s spoiling two little ones...or more! But what do you get for that darling duo? If you’re searching for twin baby gift ideas, our guide has you covered. From the practical to the precious, check out these great gifts for twin boys, twin girls, boy/girl twins, and their parents.

Gifts for twin girls and boys

Registry gifts

A thoughtful first stop for gifts is the family’s registry if they have one. Chances are there are still some much-needed items that weren’t purchased for the baby shower. These are things the babies’ parents have already researched and chosen, so you know you’ll hit a home run with them.


Yes, diaper gifts are the ultimate practicality, but consider this: It’s estimated that the average baby will go through 8,000 diaper changes before being potty-trained.1 Now multiply that by two! Ask the new parents if they have a preferred diaper brand, then buy a jumbo pack or two and add in some wipes and diaper rash cream. And since babies grow so fast, consider purchasing diapers in larger sizes.

Matching outfits

When it comes to the cuteness factor, matching outfits are hard to beat. From holiday styles to onesies that play off twindom, identical or complementary ensembles are perfect for those endless photo ops.

Twin gifts for parents

Safety items

Baby monitors, safety gates, cabinet locks, table bumpers, and door knob covers will provide new parents with some added peace of mind.


Give gifts that will help the new parents document all those amazing family milestones, such as a memory book, a growth chart, or personalized photo gifts.

Gift cards

Gift cards for baby gear stores, photo books, breastfeeding supplies, or baby formula can give parents the flexibility to select exactly what they need or want.

Food gifts

Twin moms and dads have limited time to go shopping...or may simply be too tired to push around a shopping cart. Help the new parents keep their fridge stocked and their own bellies nourished with gift cards for food delivery services, meal kits, restaurants, or grocery stores.

Twin mom gifts

Post-C-section gifts

Were the twins delivered via C-section? A wedge or lumbar support pillow can help provide some pain relief as mom recovers, and a nursing pillow can make breastfeeding more comfortable. Or put together a gift basket filled with nutritious, easier-to-digest foods that help with gas, bloating, and constipation.

Self-care gifts

Pamper the busy—and probably sleep-deprived—new mama with gifts that promote relaxation. Eye masks, lavender- infused aromatherapy candles, cozy slippers, plush blankets, and other items will provide her with the TLC she deserves.


A necklace or bracelet customized with her babies’ names or birthstones is a gift mom will treasure.

Twin dad gifts


Give dad gear that’ll help him take his bundles of joy with him wherever he goes. Jogger strollers, diaper bags, car seat stroller combos, and twin carriers are some gift ideas for the new papa and his precious tiny humans.

“Dad” gifts

Dad’s life just changed and fun gifts like “Dad of Twins” socks, t-shirts, mugs, beer steins, and more can help him spread the word about his proud new status. A journal, a framed picture of him with his babies, a personalized storybook that he can read to his little ones are all gift ideas that will make dad feel special.

Wellness gifts

Dad could use some pampering too. Consider giving him a gift basket filled with soap, snacks, and maybe a package of coffee to help him get through overnight diaper duty.

Welcome the terrific tiny twosome by giving the gift of Enfamil

With two sweet little mouths to feed, life is going to get pretty busy for the new parents—and twice as much fun. An Enfamil gift card makes for a thoughtful gift for parents who are using baby formula. Great for holidays and birthdays, an Enfamil gift card lets moms and dads select from our range of formulas, vitamins, and supplements. Enfamil is the #1 trusted brand for brain-building nutrition and immune support and the #1 infant formula brand recommended by pediatricians. Order an Enfamil gift card online today.

1 Changing Diapers

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