You may have decided to start your baby out with a specialized newborn formula. Or maybe you're waiting until you go back to work, or until he gets a little older. In any event, you probably have questions about feeding your newborn.

What is a typical newborn formula feeding schedule?

During the first few weeks, the average baby will need to be fed about 8-12 times a day. Basically, he'll need around 2-3 ounces of newborn formula about every 3 hours.

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Why your newborn needs to eat frequently

His tiny stomach can't hold much yet. After a few weeks, he'll cut down on the number of feedings and drink more at each one.

How to know when your newborn is hungry

Does he wake up and look alert? Move his hands or fists into his mouth? Make sucking noises? Or whimper and move his arms and legs? These are all cues that your baby is ready to eat.

How to know when your newborn is full

If he closes his mouth, stops sucking or turns away, he might be done. Don't try to get him to finish a bottle if he is full. By the way, it's normal for him to be hungrier at some feedings than others. Let him tell you how much he needs.

How to make sure your newborn is eating enough

The best way to tell if your baby is getting what he needs is by his length and weight progress. Your doctor will measure both at every visit. Other good signs show up in his diaper. Six or more wet diapers per day and one or more stools per day show he's eating well.

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