Year 1 milestones

  • Looks for and is able to find where a sound comes from
  • Responds to their name when you call it
  • Waves goodbye
  • Looks where you point when you say, "Look at the puppy"
  • Babbles with intonation (voice rises and falls as if speaking in sentences)
  • Takes turns "talking" with you; listens and pays attention when you speak and then resumes babbling when you stop
  • Says “Dada” or “Mama”
  • Says at least one word
  • Points to out-of-reach items they want; makes sounds while pointing

Years 1 and 2 milestones

  • Follows simple commands, first when the adult speaks and gestures, and then later with words alone
  • Retrieves objects from another room when asked
  • Points to a few body parts when asked
  • Points to interesting objects or events to get you to look at them
  • Brings things to you to show you
  • Points to objects so you’ll name them
  • Can name some common objects when asked
  • Enjoys pretending (for example, pretend cooking); uses gestures and words with you or with a favorite stuffed animal
  • Learns about one new word a week between 1 and 2 years old

Year 2 milestones

  • Points to many body parts and common objects on command
  • Points to some pictures in books
  • Follows one-step commands without a gesture, such as, "Put your cup on the table"
  • Able to say 50 to 100 words
  • Says several two-word sentences and phrases, "Daddy go," "Doll mine," and "All gone"
  • Half of their babbles are understood by other kids or adults

If you have any questions about your baby's development with these year 1 and year 2 milestones, always ask your pediatrician. Early intervention can make a significant difference. 

I’d say... it will all turn out fine. Loving your baby is the most important thing. – Enfamil® mom