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Nutramigen LGG Powders

Nutramigen with LGG starts to ease colic* from first feeding

*Due to cow's milk protein allergy
When formula without sucrose is preferred

Starts to ease colic* within 24 hours
The only hypoallergenic formula with probiotic LGG
LGG is the most studied probiotic for Allergy Management
#1 Trusted Hypoallergenic Formula for Cow's Milk Allergy
WIC-eligible in all 50 states
No table sugar added as source of carbohydrate



Nutramigen® with Probiotic LGG is the most studied hypoallergenic formula for cow's milk allergy management

Starts to Relieve in 24 Hours
Starts to relieve colic due to cow's milk allergy as early as 24 hours and 90% infants experienced relief within 48 hours**
Backed by 80+ Peer Reviewed Studies
Clinically shown to reduce the chance of future allergic manifestations, including asthma and eczema at 3 years of age
Nutramigen LGG Gets Baby Back to Milk Faster
Helps more babies overcome cow's milk allergy and return to consuming regular milk proteins in as fast as 6 months of feeding††

**Studied before the addition of LGG®, DHA, and ARA.

††Vs Nutramigen without LGG

‡‡ Asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, urticaria, and eczema at 3 years vs Nutramigen without LGG. Feeding began at 4 months of age or older in the study.


The Only Hypoallergenic Formula with Probiotic LGG


  Nutramigen Similac Alimentum Store Brand Hypoallergenic Formula
Probiotic LGG®† to support digestive and immune health
No table sugar added‡ 10.8 teaspoons of table sugar in 32 fl oz RTU bottles
DHA at expert-recommended amount to support brain development§
No artificial growth hormones‖
80 published peer-reviewed studies¶2


Nutramigen™ has not been shown to be superior to Similac® Alimentum® and store brand in managing cow’s milk allergy or in supporting brain, digestive, and immune system development.
†LGG is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S.
‡For when sucrose is not preferred as a source of carbohydrate.
§World Health Organization (WHO) recommended amount of DHA is 0.2%-0.36$ of total fatty acids. Similac®=0.15% vs Nutramigen=0.32% of total fatty acids.
‖No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-treated and non-rbST treated cows.

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