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Enfamil® Infant Formula - Powder - 29.4 oz Can

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Makes approx. 47 servings (4 fl oz bottles)

Gentle nutrition for infants 0-12 months
Enfamil Infant Formula 29.4 oz
#1 Trusted brand by Pediatricians* | #1 Recommended Formula Brand by Moms for Moms
Complete Nutrition for babies up to 12 months
#1 Pediatrician Recommended Infant Formula Brand for Brain Building & Immune Support
Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals & Ingredients
Trusted Ingredients backed by over 100 years of pediatric expertise. Growth supporting nutrients, expert-recommended brain building DHA & Immune supporting prebiotics
#1 Trusted Infant Formula Brand By Pediatricians & Parents
available in different Formats & Sizes
Makes 47 x 4fl oz Bottles
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Out of Stock

Earns 407 rewards points with purchase

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Enfamil Infant Formula

Enfamil Infant Formula is complete nutrition tailored to meet the nutritional needs of infants through 12 months of age. It features choline and Omega-3 DHA—two important brain-nourishing nutrients for your baby—and has a blend of two prebiotics to help support your baby’s own natural defenses.

  • Complete nutrition for your baby through their first 12 months
  • Features choline & DHA—important nutrients for infant brain development
  • Has a dual-prebiotics blend to support your baby’s immune system
  • Enfamil is the #1 pediatrician-recommended formula brand
  • Perfect for plan-ahead feedings

Available Formats and Sizes

You can conveniently purchase Enfamil Infant Formula in either powder or liquid form. The powder product is available in 21.1 oz and 29.4 oz sized cans. You can also purchase it in bulk in cases of 4. The liquid version comes in 32 fl oz bottles that are also available in cases of 6.


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