A Critical Window For Nourishment

What is MFGM?

MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) is found in every drop of breast milk, and helps support your baby’s cognitive development. Specifically, MFGM is a naturally occurring bioactive membrane that surround the fat droplets in breast milk.  Research has shown that MFGM plays an important role in brain structure and function.

Understanding the role of MFGM in brain development is the result of decades of research, and multiple clinical studies on MFGM and its components.  MFGM was previously found only in breast milk, but due to advances in dairy technology, now this revolutionary component is available for the first time in our new brain-first formulas.

What does MFGM do?

Adding MFGM as an ingredient to Enfamil NeuroPro brings it closer to breast milk than ever before. Emerging evidence from a recent clinical study showed MFGM in formula supports cognitive development similar to breast milk.*

In fact, infants who were fed a formula that had MFGM from 2 months of age until 6 months showed improvements in a measure of cognitive development when they were tested at 12 months, compared to babies who were fed a formula without MFGM.**

While some MFGM components may be present in other infant formulas, the MFGM ingredient in NeuroPro is purposefully added to support cognitive development. This exclusive combination of both DHA and MFGM in NeuroPro was previously found only in breast milk.

MFGM in Enfamil Formulas

The Enfamil brand  has infant formula options that have MFGM added as an ingredient to foster cognitive development. Learn more about Enfamil Neuro Pro and Enfamil Enspire today.

*As measured by Bayley-III cognitive score at 12 months in a different formula with MFGM added as an ingredient.
**Formula used in the study was not an Enfamil formula
In amounts supported by clinical research.