Weight gain during pregnancy is necessary to support your growing baby. Here are some common questions about how much weight gain you can expect and calorie requirements during pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

Q: What are the additional calorie requirements in pregnancy?

A: Only about 300, beginning your fourth month of pregnancy. Nutritious ones, that is. A turkey sandwich, on whole wheat with mustard, is a fine example.

Q: How much additional weight gain during pregnancy can I expect?

A: On average, 25 to 35 pounds. Smaller women may need a little more to store extra energy. If you started out a bit heavier, you may need to gain a little less.


Q: How much of this weight is actually baby?

A: About 25% of this weight is baby. Another 10% is placenta and amniotic fluid. The rest is vital “support services” for the baby — like increased blood volume, breast and uterine tissues and fat stores.

Breakdown of Weight Gain


Q: At what rate will I gain weight?

A: Weight gain is usually slow during the first 3 months. After this, your baby begins to grow more quickly. Although everyone is different, here is a guideline of what you can expect.

Weight Gain