Enfamil Favorites: Now Available in Non-GMO*

If you've been thinking about non-GMO, now you can choose a non-GMO* formula from the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. And like other Enfamil formulas, they have nutrients for healthy growth and brain-nourishing DHA.

Enfamil Newborn, 0 – 3 months

Tailored to meet the nutritional needs of babies through 3 months.

Enfamil Infant, 0 – 12 months

Nutritionally tailored for babies aged 0 through 12 months.

Enfagrow® Toddler Next Step®

Tailored for toddlers 9 through 18 months.

  • DHA, choline and iron to help support your toddler's brain development
  • Calcium, vitamin D and 28 other nutrients for growth
  • Natural Defense® Dual Prebiotics® Blend - designed to help support digestive health
  • Available in 20 oz powder cans

Enfamil® Gentlease®

#1 Pediatrician recommended brand for gassy and fussy babies**

  • Designed to ease fussiness, gas and crying in 24 hours, while providing nutrition for healthy development to help babies reach key milestones
  • Gentle start for sensitive tummies
  • Offers complete nutrition for babies
  • Available in 20 oz powder tubs

Want to know more about non-GMO? See FAQ’s

*Ingredients not genetically engineered. Trace amounts of genetically engineered material may be present in the product, such as from manufacturing environments and process sources.

**Among pediatricians recommending a brand.