Childbirth preparation can be a stressful time for a new mom. Enfamil® has created month-by-month healthy pregnancy tips to help prepare for your child's birth.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Month 1

Schedule your first prenatal visit.
Good doctors are in great demand, so don't put it off. The good care you get now can help your pregnancy, and your baby's development.


Month 2

Balance that diet.
Nutritious food means nutrients your baby can use to develop. So get balanced, and leave the junk food at the grocery store.

Month 3

Get physical.
Need motivation to get into gear? Active women have easier deliveries. Ask your doctor about exercising safely during pregnancy.

Month 4

Remember to breathe.
Your body needs rest during pregnancy, even if it's just a few minutes a day. Take deep, slow breaths. Sit in a quiet room. Play soft music. Focus on tension areas. Let yourself relax.

Month 5

Strengthen your pelvic muscles.
Toning and tightening your pelvic muscles can help support your uterus and bladder. Simple daily exercises can do the trick.

Month 6

Take a childbirth class.
You'll learn what to expect during labor, along with birthing options and positions, and how to develop a birthing plan.

Month 7

Do some baby shopping.
Diapers. Onesies. Nursing bras. Formula and bottles. And a crib, of course. Now's the time to stock up for the big day.

Month 8

Plan ahead.
Now's the perfect time to choose a pediatrician, look into childcare, and learn how to install an infant car seat.

Month 9

Nest a little.
At this stage, many moms have the urge to get organized. So why not cook a few healthy meals to freeze, and pack up some things for the hospital?