• DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid. The name DHA is shorthand for docosahexaenoic acid.
  • DHA is important for toddlers because it helps promote brain structure and function. Studies have shown DHA also helps support respiratory health and contributes to the development of a healthy immune system.
  • On average, toddlers only get about 25% of the expert-recommended DHA levels in their daily diets. Many experts recommend 70-100 mg/day of DHA for toddlers.

Here are the DHA levels in some common toddler foods:


Raw with skin, 1 medium
0 mg DHA

Apple Juice
1 drink box, 8.45 fl oz
0 mg DHA

Hard-boiled, 1 large, regular
19 mg DHA

Canned, 2 oz
57 mg DHA

Boiled, 1/2 cup
0 mg DHA

Whole Cow's Milk
8 fl oz, regular
0 mg DHA

Chicken Nuggets
White meat, pre-cooked, frozen, 4 pieces (64g)
2 mg DHA

Cooked, 1 cup
28 mg DHA


Two, 7 fl oz servings per day
52 mg DHA

2 servings of Enfagrow daily can help close the DHA nutritional gap.

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