Sensory Learning: How a Baby's Brain Gets Information from His Mouth and More

The recipes are designed to be specifically milk-free and dairy-free. Many are also free of other common allergens, but you must check the ingredients carefully if your child has allergies to any other foods.

If your child has an allergic reaction to any food, consult with your baby's doctor as soon as possible.

Recipe Tips 

  • Always prepare the formula according to the instructions on the label.
  • Purée, mash or chop food to the correct consistency for your baby. If any of the recipes need thickening you can use baby rice cereal to do this.
  • Please check each recipe to ensure that ingredients are suitable for your child. If you are not sure, discuss with your doctor or another healthcare professional.
  • Try to add Nutramigen® with Enflora™ LGG® to recipes as late as possible, to help preserve nutrients and the effect of the LGG® culture.
  • Stir dishes well before serving and check the food is not too hot before giving it to your baby.
  • The portion sizes given are approximate: your baby may want more or less than the amount suggested, and it is usually best to let them decide when they have had enough.

Please note that once heated above 100 degrees F, the benefits of the LGG® culture in Nutramigen® with Enflora™ LGG® would be reduced or completely lost

Since some of the other nutrients in Nutramigen® with Enflora™ LGG® are heat-sensitive, you'll need to continue with normal bottle feeds of Nutramigen® with Enflora™ LGG® to provide the intended nutrients. Using Nutramigen® with Enflora™ LGG® in cooler recipes will help preserve the nutrients and the LGG® culture. This recipe section contains a variety of hot and cool recipes.

Recipes can be frozen unless indicated

  • Freeze puréed foods in small containers or ice cube trays then empty into labelled bags.
  • Recipes are ideally frozen before the Nutramigen® with Enflora™ LGG® is added and then, once defrosted, the Nutramigen® with Enflora™ LGG® powder is stirred in at the end of reheating, just before serving.
  • Store food in the freezer for no more than a month.
  • Before mealtimes ensure food is completely defrosted, then reheat thoroughly.
  • Foods can be mashed or chopped after defrosting to obtain the desired consistency.

Never leave infants alone when feeding as there is a risk of choking.