Allergic Action
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You are not alone: 6 out of 10 moms we surveyed were unaware that a cow’s milk allergy (CMA) is indicative of more allergies later in life, a phenomenon known as the Allergic March.†



Understanding the Allergic March




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2. Bishop, J.M., Natural history of cow milk allergy: clinical outcome. J Pediatr, 1990. 116(6): p. 862-867.


* Asthma, eczema, rhinoconjuntivitis and urticaria at 3 years in infants with CMA consuming extensively hydrolyzed formula with LGG compared to extensively hydrolyzed formula alone. Feeding began at 4 months or older in the study.

† Survey conducted by OnePoll for Mead Johnson Nutrition™ with a sample of 900 American moms of infants aged 0-1 (from May 9-22, 2019) and 100 American pediatricians (May 9-21, 2019)