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Managing Cow's Milk Allergy

How to manage cow's milk protein allergy

The best way to help your baby avoid allergic reactions from cow’s milk protein allergy is to exclude dairy products from their diet. And don’t worry, it probably won’t be forever. Most infants outgrow their allergy to cow’s milk by ages 3 to 5. Always be sure to ask your pediatrician how you can help your baby feel more comfortable, and if switching to a hypoallergenic formula such as Nutramigen might be right for your baby. 

Understanding the steps: Does my baby have a milk allergy?

Keeping track of your little one’s signs and symptoms can help your pediatrician make an accurate cow’s milk protein allergy diagnosis


Cow’s milk protein allergy terms and what they mean

If you’re just starting to explore cow’s milk protein allergy, it’s easy to get lost in all the medical terminology. Use this handy guide to find the meanings of common CMPA and other food allergy terms.


What to expect with cow’s milk protein allergy

What babies with CMPA should and shouldn't drink

Whether your baby is formula-feeding or breastfeeding, your doctor may advise changes to your or your baby’s diet.


Hidden sources of cow’s milk

You may be surprised at how many common foods contain cow's milk.


Explore other cow’s milk protein allergy topics

As a parent, you want to make the best, most informed choices for your baby. Explore our other cow’s milk protein allergy topics to help guide your decisions.

Formula for babies with cow’s milk protein allergy–ask your doctor about Nutramigen®

Nutramigen® product line up

If you think your little one may have an allergy to cow’s milk protein, talk to your doctor about switching to Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Infant Formula. It’s the #1 pediatrician-recommended formula brand for cow's milk protein allergy.

Why Nutramigen®?

Nutramigen LGG is a hypoallergenic formula clinically shown to manage colic due to cow's milk protein allergy fast, in as quickly as 48 hours.* Not only does it help more babies overcome cow’s milk protein allergy and return to consuming regular milk in as soon as six months of feeding,† but it also helps reduce the incidence of future allergies.**

Facts about Nutramigen®, the #1 pediatrician-recommended formula brand for cow's milk protein allergy

There's a lot you and your little one will love about Nutramigen. It's made with extensively hydrolyzed proteins that are less likely to trigger an allergic response, so your baby can begin to feel better quickly. Nutramigen is clinically shown to reduce CMPA-triggered colic fast and is lactose-free, making it a suitable formula option for babies with lactose intolerance.

Nutramigen has all the vitamins and nutrients of routine formula, plus a probiotic to promote gut health. It contains iron, as well as DHA and ARA, two nutrients found in breast milk that support a baby’s brain and eye development. Discover how Nutramigen could help you manage your baby’s cow’s milk protein allergy and soothe their symptoms to keep your sweet pea happy and healthy.


*Studied before the addition of DHA, ARA, or LGG.
Vs. Nutramigen without LGG®
**Asthma, eczema, rhinoconjunctivitis, and urticaria at 3 years compared to Nutramigen without LGG. Feeding began at 4 months of age or older in the study