10 Weeks Pregnant: Week-by-Week Guide

    10 Weeks Pregnant: Week-by-Week Guide

    Congratulations! You are ten weeks pregnant and your baby already has 90% of the anatomical structures that adults have. At this stage of your journey, new developments are beginning to unfold. Explore our week-by-week guide to find out what’s in store for your baby and your body in week 10 of pregnancy.

    At 10 weeks pregnant:

    • Your baby is the size of a prune
    • You’re officially at fetus phase now that little seed is taking on a life of its own
    • It’s three months in now, that’s six more to go!

    What happens during the 10th week of pregnancy?

    • That little face — their cute-as-a-button face is forming from today and the eyes can shut and will stay shut for protection until around week 26.
    • All smiles — there’s so much happening right now that you can’t see – like the first manifestations of what will become a gorgeous toothy grin are forming below the gum line, though they won’t be making an appearance until your baby is around six months old.
    • Things are coming along nicely — that little tummy is also becoming active, producing digestive juices, the vital organs have formed, the kidneys are producing larger amount of urine (though nothing on what you’ll be dealing with once you finally meet) and in the case of boys, they’re already producing testosterone at week 10!
    • Not to get a big head — your little one’s brain now accounts for 43 percent of their weight! In week 10, the hypothalamus forms which is a control center for systems like regulating body temperature and heart rate.

    What should I be feeling at 10 weeks pregnant?

    Feeling happy, sad, indifferent, furious? You’ll be having mood swings you haven’t experienced this side of puberty it’s part of the rollercoaster ride fueled by all those changing hormones.

    • As there are a lot of changes, things like smells can set your body off. Some of the scents you grew up loving may become a source of revulsion.
    • Nausea and vomiting can still be part of your reality at this point, along with constipation and flatulence all the fun things.
    • You’ll want to be getting that camera out and capturing your first baby belly shots, as the little bump becomes obvious.
    • Each day you should fill up on a healthy breakfast. Oatmeal and DHA-enriched eggs can fill you with low calories and high protein and the DHA is an essential nutrient for brain development and eye formation in the fetus.

    10 Weeks Pregnant Facts

    How big is your baby? Check out the chart below to find out!

    Baby Size at 10 Weeks
    Baby Weight 0.14 ounces
    Baby Length 1.25 - 1.5 in
    Baby Size Comparable to a strawberry

    Week 10 Pregnancy Symptoms

    During week 10 of pregnancy, your body is adjusting to the new life it’s supporting. As your baby changes, you will too, and there are certain pregnancy symptoms you may experience at this time. Keep these week 10 pregnancy symptoms on your radar:

    • That sluggish intestinal system you’ve been used to will probably stick around a while longer, so have plenty of healthy whole grains, fruits and veggies and lots of water to offset the sluggishness and constipation. Also try to keep up some level of regular aerobic exercise.
    • Your fatigue levels probably feel at an all-time high (or is that low?). As your body is doubling down on its essential services to pump life into the tiny version of you in your uterus, week 10 will ensure you know all about it. Though it may sound strange, you will feel better after going for a walk or doing some level of exercise.
    • You may still be getting nausea and vomiting. Ginger ale can help with this. You might also be craving sweet things like chocolate brownies. A little is ok, but there’s no excuse for overindulging (at this stage)
    • Heartburn and indigestion are a common symptom. Sleep with your feet up on a pillow to elevate the legs it can help
    • You can become a wind farm as flatulence can and will happen, warn your partner (or blame them for a smile)
    • Headaches and ligament pain will echo the evolution of your body into mom mode, as it stretches and changes to make room for its needy house guest. Take time to get off your feet and make yourself comfortable.

    Tips for 10 weeks:

    Being 10 weeks pregnant is an important ti­me for you and your baby. Get advice on how to adjust to this new stage from the experts at Enfamil.

    • Aim for 30 minutes of daily exercise at this stage. If you’re having trouble maintaining your regular exercise routine, consider adding yoga (with your doctor’s approval). It can help you get a better sleep, ease pregnancy-related symptoms and even prep you with breathing techniques you can use during labor.
    • Week 10 marks the point when your baby technically is called an embryo. The embryonic stem cells have multiplied and have formed into the basis of the internal and external body structure, Keep eating healthy meals and taking a prenatal multi-vitamin containing DHA as it’s one of the major building blocks of your baby’s brain, bones, and vision.

    Week 10 Checklist: Plan Your Pregnancy

    Be prepared. Explore our pregnancy checklist below and add these items to your to-do list this week. 

    To-Do Complete
    Shop for some looser fitting clothes
    Book your NT (Nuchal Translucency) screening
    If you’re opting to take the CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling) test, schedule an appointment.

    Now that you now everything happening with you and you’re little on during week 10, explore our tips for your first trimester or see what to expect during week 11.