16 Weeks Pregnant: Week-by-Week Guide

16 Weeks Pregnant: Week-by-Week Guide

Congratulations! You are 16 weeks pregnant. At this stage of your journey, new developments are beginning to unfold. Explore Enfamil’s week-by-week guide to find out what’s in store for your baby and your body in week 16 of pregnancy.

At 16 weeks pregnant:

  • Your baby is the size of an avocado.
  • You’re well into your second trimester.
  • The countdown continues: you’ve got 24 weeks to go!

What happens during the 16th week of pregnancy?

  • Getting the blood flowing your baby’s circulatory system is up and running, pumping about 25 quarts of blood a day.
  • Stretch and flex your baby’s getting stronger every day, with their spine and tiny muscles now able to support their head.
  • It’s dark in here! their eyes are still closed, but they’re developing nicely, being able to move from side to side.
  • Your baby’s bowels are working now — in fact, that little digestive tract can create meconium, a dark green stool.
  • Turn that frown upside down your baby's now making new expressions, like squinting and frowning, which are important steps in social and communication development.

What should I be feeling at 16 weeks pregnant?

  • You’re probably sick of the small selection of foods you were tolerating, but morning sickness is now over, so you can get back to a healthy balanced diet. There are some watch outs though.
  • Your baby’s beginning to develop motor skills, so you may soon begin to feel movements.
  • Would you believe that your baby may be able to hear your voice by week 16? Try singing or play lullabies to put you both at ease.
  • You are probably looking pregnant by now. Some women don’t show at all by week 16, but it’s happening, and you’ll probably won’t be able to hide it much longer.

16 Weeks Pregnant Facts

How big is your baby? Check out the chart below to find out!

Baby Size at 16 Weeks
Baby Weight 3.9 ounces
Baby Length 4.6 inches
Baby Size Comparable to an avocado

Week 16 Pregnancy Symptoms

During week 16 of pregnancy, your body is adjusting to the new life it’s supporting. As your baby changes, you will too, and there are certain pregnancy symptoms you may experience at this time. Keep these week 16 pregnancy symptoms on your radar:

  • You may get pregnancy congestion, nasal congestion and nose bleeds. Try a saline nasal spray.
  • If your back isn’t aching by now, it soon will be. It’s natural as your body changes and you’re carry extra weight. Take a warm shower or bath or treat yourself to a prenatal massage.
  • Varicose or spider veins are an unfortunate symptom. Thankfully they usually shrink after you give birth.
  • You may have baby brain. This may manifest as absent mindedness which is normal while you’re pregnant.
  • People may comment about your beautiful, glowing skinhooray for a positive symptom!


Being 16 weeks pregnant is an important time for you and your baby. Get advice on how to adjust to this new stage.

  • With the visual development going on with your baby this week, it's especially important that you're getting DHA—200 to 300 milligrams of DHA daily is the amount experts recommend. A prenatal vitamin can help you get important DHA.
  • Wondering if coffee’s good or bad for you right now? It’s good to cut back to two or less cups of coffee a day as it can dehydrate you. Find out answers to what else you should and shouldn’t be eating.
  • You’ll be getting your quad screen soon. It’s an important prenatal blood test that checks levels of four substances produced by the fetus and placenta. It tells you the probability of your baby carrying any chromosomal abnormality or neural tube defect.

Week 16 Checklist: Plan Your Pregnancy

Be prepared. Explore our pregnancy checklist below and add these items to your to-do list this week.

To-Do Complete
Schedule your 20-week prenatal appointment
Schedule a mid-pregnancy ultrasound
Have some fun thinking up names

If you’re interested in learning more about your pregnancy, read up on prenatal tests or look ahead to week 17.