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32 Weeks Pregnant: Week-by-Week Guide
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IN THIS ARTICLE – At this stage of your journey, new developments are beginning to unfold. Check out this week-by-week guide to find out what’s in store for your baby and your body in week 32 of pregnancy.


Your baby at 32 weeks pregnant | Week 32 pregnancy symptoms | 3 expert tips for a healthy and safe pregnancy | Week 32 checklist: How to plan your pregnancy | Join Enfamil Family Beginnings



  • What trimester is 32 weeks? Third trimester
  • How many weeks of pregnancy are left? Eight
  • How many months is 32 weeks pregnant? You're in your eighth month.

With week 31 of your pregnancy complete, you’re on week 32. Enjoy it, as week 33 is on the horizon! 

One of the most exciting things about pregnancy is how many changes you’ll experience with your little one over the span of just 7 days! Here’s some tips and tricks to keep on top of all that’s happening.

Your baby at 32 weeks pregnant

What's happening in there

  • Your baby is the size of a jicama.
  • You're officially at the start of month eight and in the third trimester.
  • The countdown continues: you’ve got 8 weeks to go!

What happens during the 32nd week of pregnancy?

  • Bust a move: Your baby’s getting active in there—breathing, sucking, swallowing, blinking, grabbing, and getting ready for that first official appearance. Soon enough you’ll be rolling out the red carpet!
  • Fattening up: After months of being almost translucent, the baby's skin is gaining color and texture as the fat builds up. Soon you’ll be playing with those chubby baby arms to happy and wondrous giggles.
  • Sleeping like a baby: Your baby’s making the most of shut-eye time while you’re suffering insomnia. During quiet sleep, you may not feel as much movement, but your baby will soon move back into active sleep and squirm and stretch.

What should I be feeling at 32 weeks pregnant?

  • You may feel a bunch of movement as your baby gradually shifts into position for birth over the next couple of weeks.
  • Your body will start to prepare for birth from this point on, rehearsing and flexing as it gets things in place. This will include Braxton Hicks contractions—often called “false labor.” They can be hard to notice at first but can last from 15 seconds to two minutes. The key difference between these and real contractions is that Braxton Hicks contractions should stop when you get up and move around. With labor contractions, they gradually get stronger and more regular. If the latter is happening, contact your doctor.

Symptoms of labor at 32 weeks

If you experience signs of labor such as your water breaking, loss of your mucus plug, or continual, intensifying contractions, it may indicate that you’re going into premature labor. Preterm labor is when your body goes into labor early, specifically before 37 weeks of pregnancy. If you notice any labor symptoms at 32 weeks, try to remain calm and contact your doctor right away.

At 32 weeks pregnant, how is the baby positioned?

Your little gymnast is growing and has a lot less room to do their flips. The space in the uterus is getting a bit cramped. At this stage of your pregnancy, your baby should soon work their way into the cephalic presentation—the head’s-down, bottom’s-up position in preparation for the big day. Don’t worry if they're not there yet. There’s still time, and doctors have several options for turning or repositioning your baby as you approach your due date. 

How big is your baby at 32 weeks pregnant?

32 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Weight

Over 4 pounds

Baby Length

18 inches

Baby Size

Comparable to a jicama


Week 32 pregnancy symptoms

During week 32 of pregnancy, your body is changing quickly. As your baby grows, you will too, and there are certain pregnancy symptoms you may experience at this time.

7 common week 32 pregnancy symptoms

  • If you feel tingling, numbness, or pain running from your lower back down your leg, it's likely because your growing baby is putting on the pressure. These pains are called sciatica. Some mamas find moving around or gentle stretching helps.
  • Bloating, gas, and indigestion are constant by now, as is occasional constipation.
  • A weak bladder and a frequent need to pee are due to the extra pressure on your pelvis.
  • It’s hard to sleep, and then when you’re awake, your head is vague, fuzzy, and can hurt—blame it on the hormones and the phenomena called pregnancy brain. Keep hydrated and generally speaking (unless under medical advice), you should have the green light to take acetaminophen.
  • Your body is preparing for labor and you’ll probably be experiencing some of those Braxton Hicks contractions mentioned earlier.
  • Hormones, constipation, and larger veins caused by increased blood volume can give you hemorrhoids. Epsom salt baths, drinking lots of fluids, and using ice packs may help, but speak with your doctor for proper diagnosis and other pregnancy-safe treatment options.
  • Colostrum may be leaking from your breasts. This yellow, waxy substance is chock full of nutrients and antibodies for your little one. Leaking is not a sign of premature labor, and you’ll still have plenty left for your baby.

3 expert tips for a healthy and safe pregnancy

Being 32 weeks pregnant is an important time for you and your baby. Here’s some more expert-recommended advice on how to adjust to this new stage and keep you and your baby safe.

3 common week 32 pregnancy symptoms

  1. Catch that colostrum: Pick up some breast pads to absorb the nutrient-rich pre-milk called colostrum. It can leak and these bra liners can soak up any spilled milk.
  2. Scout out the symptoms: Know what the signs of labor are and how they differ from pregnancy symptoms. They can include water breaking, cramps, vaginal bleeding or spotting, diarrhea, and a tensing in your uterus.
  3. Quell those questions: To alleviate stress and last-minute decisions, now is the time to think about who you want to have present in the delivery room.

Week 32 checklist: How to plan your pregnancy

Knowing what to do week-by-week can help you feel prepared and alleviate stress. Add these new items to your to-do list this week. You’ve got this, mama!


To-Do Checklist
If you haven't already, take a hospital tour.
Make a hospital packing list, and keep it at hand!
Read up on breastfeeding.

Learn more about your pregnancy, including pregnancy planning and pregnancy nutrition to feel prepared to continue this magical adventure. You’re armed with the facts, what to do, and now you can take time to connect with the little one growing inside you.

 With week 31 in the rearview mirror and week 32 going strong, look to the future and what's coming up in week 33!

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