13 Weeks Pregnant

Mom's Tip of the Week

Did you know...?

You only need an extra 300 calories a day to support your baby’s development, so indulge those prenatal cravings in moderation. Most of those calories should be coming from healthful, whole foods, including sources of the healthy fat DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). DHA is essential for your baby’s brain and eye development. Some studies have also linked the nutrient with evening out mood swings and lowering risk of postpartum depression.

Your Baby at 13 Weeks Pregnant

What's Happening in There

  • This week your little one is about three inches long.
  • He now has functioning nerves, muscles, and organs.
  • Bone tissue is forming in the arms and legs and around your little one’s head.
  • He may start sucking his thumb this week. While the muscles in his mouth aren’t fully developed, he can perform the movements to self-soothe. He can also use his mouth to smile or frown.
  • You may begin to feel a stronger connection to your baby. That’s because you can now hear his heartbeat at prenatal visits, your belly is growing as he develops, and you may even start to feel his movements by the middle of this trimester.

Baby Brain Waves

Your Baby’s Brain Is Developing

The brain structure called the corpus callosum, which likely began to develop in your baby last week, will keep maturing until his birth—and continue right on through adolescence. This C-shaped structure is responsible for communicating information between the right and left halves of the brain.

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