The First Week of Pregnancy

    The First Week of Pregnancy

    Surprise! You’re technically not even pregnant yet, but this week is the start your journey. Find out what happens during the first week of pregnancy, plus smart steps you can take to give you and your baby a strong start.

    What happens during the first week of pregnancy?

    • You’re on your period. Because it’s hard to pinpoint the exact date of conception, most OBs start counting your pregnancy from the first day of your last period, also known as LMP (last menstrual period). Consider this Week 1 of your amazing journey.
    • Your body is prepping for baby. Your uterine lining is shedding, releasing last month’s unfertilized egg, and will start preparing for this month’s egg to be fertilized.

    What’s Going on with Baby

    Well, nothing quite yet. Conception won’t happen for about another two weeks or so. Right now, your body is setting the stage for something magical to happen.

    What’s Going on with You

    If you’re hoping to be pregnant soon, it’s time to get your baby body ready. Start focusing on proper nutrition and adopt an exercise plan if you haven’t done so already. Believe us, it’s a smart move. Research has shown that just twenty minutes of moderate exercise three times a week during pregnancy may help foster your baby’s brain development.

    What Moms Say

    Help your baby even before the first week of pregnancy. Taking a prenatal multivitamin with folic acid before you become pregnant can help prevent major birth defects to your baby’s brain and spine. Plus, it’s can be an easy way to get essential nutrients you both need from the very start.